Scandinavia is a crazy place. It's one of the most beautiful places on the planet, has some of the nicest, happiest people and if you drink the water, you are guaranteed at least a SuperUnknown semi-finalist slot. It's also indisputably becoming the place to be in April and May if you want to see the most impressive (and most ridiculous) skiing go down. Events like Kimbosessions, Creation Nation and Ski Or Die have solidified that position but there's a new kid on the block: The Aioli Cashout. It's the brainchild of last year's SuperUnknown winner, Oliver Karlberg (Y.Aioli) and it's sure to blow minds. Incorporating both a cash for tricks and a filming element, it has everything the riders could want. When the riders are most stoked, that's when you get carnage.

Confirmed Riders:

Magnus Granér


Forster Meeks

Joel Magnusson

Vilmer Ivarsson

Kim Boberg

Hugo Burvall

Freddie grann

Anton Lindén

Kalle Bogren

Måns Bertz

Siver voll

Edvin Molund

It all goes down from 13th to 16th of April in Ramundberget, Sweden a combination of fifteen well known rippers and young bloods from Scandinavia and North America will descend on the Ramundberget park. Comp day is Saturday 14th and will go down cash for tricks style. Then, when the dust settles the riders have two days to shoot in the park on the 20+ meter kicker which sits in front of one of Sweden's most stunning backdrops. It all rounds out on the 16th when the riders select who takes home the overall win and gets crowned "King of CashOut". For now, here's a taster from the LEAD Swedish crew, watch this space for more info and coverage, it's going to be a fun one.