There are lots of newschool companies hitting the scene this year, Nomics is one of them. What is different about Nomics is that we're not here to sell thousands of product and make tons of money by overpricing our product. We're here for the people that are out all hours of the night setting up street rails, people who'd rather to see a smooth 5 with good style than an ugly 1260 no grab. We're here to give a core group in the snow industry something to represent.

Nomics is getting ready to hit the scene full gear. Clothing shipments are coming in by the day, stickers get pumped out over and over, and the website is under the final stages of production.

In the meantime, enjoy the free Nomics stickers included in every copy of what many are calling the best movie released this year: "Forward" by Level 1 Productions. Don?t forget to throw that Nomics goggle sticker in the corner of your new goggles, because there is no doubt you will be flossin? the newest steeze when your mountain opens this winter. Oh yeah, these free stickers also come in Penguin Milk Project's "Speshul", a creative movement toward a new type of ski movie, releasing mid November.

Big props to Nomics rider Derek Finn on the rail destruction in his segment in Forward (quadruple kink stairset first try...what??!). East coast kids look out for Nomics riders Alex Balsen and JP Solberg this winter, and make sure to heckle them for stickers and all you kids in Colorado get ready for the Nomics Car... Check the website and send us an email if you want...