Snowskates and snowboards were invented around the same time, but snowskating has a smaller and wackier market.


Because snowskaters love building their own ultra-specific mutant boards.

Thus, snowskates come in a variety of sizes and shapes:

On your snowskate, the length and shape depend on snow conditions, style, and preference.

The other components of the snowskate are either Stock or After-Market

Stock Components



-Foam Grip

After Market Components

-Spike Grip


-Foot Stops

-Grab Rails

Snowskate Shoes

Snowskate shoes are flat-bottomed shoes you would wear if you were out skateboarding in the cold.

Depending on conditions, the shoes range from a skate slipper, to a hiking boot, to a snowboard boot.


The type of board you ride all depends on your special style.

People build all different kinds of snowskates for all different kinds of snowskating.

There are many possibilities when you mash up skateboarding, snowboarding, and pow surfing!

Here are a whole bunch of examples:

All Mountain Jib Snowskating

Backyard Snowskating

Banked Slalom Racing Snowskating

Cat Track Snowskating

Ditch Snowskating

Downhill Snowskating

Kite Snowskating

Log Snowskating

Mogul Snowskating

Park Snowskating

Powder Snowskating

Single Decking

Urban Snowskating


If you do take your snowskate to a resort, make sure to ride off the lift.

1. On the approach, hold the snowskate tips up in front of you with your back foot planted on the kick.

2. When you reach the offload, set the snowskate down and plant your front foot as you stand up from the chair.


Snowskating is totally a good time!

It makes any day on the hill shreddy and awesome.

The attention is cool, but what’s also cool is being nice to curious people and spreading awareness so we can ride more places in the future.

So next time you see a snowskate, give them a thumbs up and a smile!