Translated an article i did for Red Bull Norway, talking to Siver Voll at the end of November 2017.

Original post in Norwegian:

Siver grew up and has been living within walking distance of his home resort Geilo his whole life. After last season, Geilo decided to put less money in to the park, and Siver was left with a pretty simple choice. He had to move somewhere else to be able to keep skiing.

– It sucks, because what Clint Butcher and the park crew did with Tirilparken the last couple of years was so tight. At the same time it is pretty sweet to get away from Geilo, live by my self and meet new people. I have moved to Lillehammer, and the parks in both Hafjell and Kvitfjell will be banging this year.

Siver just got home from two weeks in Hintertux, skiing and filming with the other half of Los Ninos, Petter Ulsletten, and is getting ready for a new season. Siver is known as a stylefull, well rounded skier with a heavy bag of technical tricks. He thinks that what has made him the skier he is is time, first and foremost, repetition and watching other skiers.

– I have spent so much time hiking PVC-pipes with homies and tried stuff I think is cool. Rafael Garrido has definitely pushed my skiing a lot! He is an amazing rail skier and is a good dude to ski with. When I am on skis I focus on doing my own thing, and I always try to have fun on skis.

Siver is not your typical compjock, he dont aim for the biggest jumptricks, but is amongst the worlds best at pushing the limits of technical railcombinations (frontswap, front 5 swap, blind 2). The combination of these technical tricks and his clean, calm style has provided him with some pretty impressive competition results over the years.

– My highlights when it comes to competitions is probably the back to back wins I got at Iceland Winter Games, I also won a rail jam last year in Poland. I think competitions are cool, there are a lot of different events I would love to participate in. In addition to that you get to travel to different places, meet new people, and see some of the homies you dont hang out with all the time.

Siver has also been a finalist in SuperUnkown the two recent years, but says he wont go for a three-peat.

– SuperUnknown is dope, dude! I have been fortunate enough to make it to the finals twice, but Im not sure about going for a third one. People are probably getting sick of me by now, haha.

His plans for the winter is to film as much as possible, and you might want to keep your eyes up for a interesting project including fellow Norwegians Johan Berg, Peder Vilhelm Aubert, Petter Ulsletten and a stacked crew of Swiss shredders.

Its 04:30 AM here right now, so if I misspelled something, please excuse me. Snowboard Big-air going down right now, thanks for reading, dood!