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There is one guy whose smile is a little wider than the rest of us these days, Martin Sohaugen! Because he just grabbed the wildcard in Level 1's Superunknown competition – He's American Dream has come true - that means the Wordup- boy is now heading out to film with the American skimovie stars! Solhaugen even now sits nestled in a good chair at a cabin in Trysil, he has breathed out a little after an intense week and has taken the time to tell about the entire session!

Article: Michael Williksen -

Photo: Wordup Projects

First and foremost, congratulations as fuck!! You are now heading across the pond to shred in front of Level 1's cameras, how stoked are you?

- My life is better now than ever, to be honest. I think this is a dream that sits deep in people who spend their days on skis. I have watched the Level 1 movies since "day one" and my stoke'o'meter is blasted!

This is a bit as if you were auditioning for Manchester United - if you were playing football, how big is this really?

- Haha, I have had some situations at work, where I have tried to explain it to the ordinary man in the street. They just smile and say "cool", but from all the people within the skiing community there is a completely different response! This is huge for those who know what it means! =) For me personally I think it might be as far as I can get. So in other words: "Fucking big!"

It was a rat race, but after a good start you managed to stay in front of the other semifinalists untill the end! there must have been some long days to collect the votes?

Yes, it has been absolutely nerve-racking. Because it meant so much for me to get this chance. I have dreamed about it, and gone 100% for it. In my eyes it was now or never, and with a huge group of people who were willing to vote, It went the right way for this struggling urbanskier. "10,000 votes in total, all together."

You've some experience with marketing too, haven't you?

Hehe, that's right! Something I feel I've gotten use for now. I have learned to pack your message into a sense that the targeted audience can understand. And to get the votes, I chose to go for "Martin Solhaugen's American dream"

- Think it worked. The response has been absolutely wild, and it has been so incredibly many dedicated people who have worked for my dream to come true.

For out your own edit, who was your favorite among the semifinalists?

Simen Gjelsvik without doubt! I should gladly have stood side by side with all the Norwegian guys, but if it's one skier that really deserved it, it's Simen.

When are you leaving, and where? Do you know?

The departure takes place April 14 to 22, one place in Boston, still trying to figure out where this mountain is!

What type of elements do you hope to get to hit over there?

They actually suggested that we should draw the coolest feature we can imagine, and send it to them! So on a par with last years features, I think this will make for a crazy cool concept! I'm hoping that they will realize my Loop rail idea!

What do you think about Superunknown concept?

I love it! And it has gotten better over the years. It was really last year's concept that closed me into participating.

I felt they took focus away from sending the triple on the mega kickers, to focus more on the creative and playful sides of skiing. jibs, trannys, tree taps, and so on! Just awesome!

Have you seen any of the other finalists, what do you think about the level?

Of course, I have seen all of them. Jonah Williams is absolutely sick and the level is where it should be! Although it is certainly debatable whether some of semifinalists should have gone directly to the final. No one has the same opinions, hehe.

Sigbjørn Tveit won the Superunknown back in 2011, and has since been filming for several of the Level 1 movies. Is there a chance that Martin Solhaugen may become the new Level 1 star in the future?

It would have been incredibly cool to be able to film with these guys, but right now that's just a thought floating in the back of my head. But I will fight and do my best, so you should never say never!

Afterbang wish you good luck in the States and a good trip! Some shou-outs to end?

wow, that list is long, but some notable is:

- My family.

- the Wordup crew

- Vault crew - (Good friends from the student- pub at the Norwegian School of Creative Studies)

- Astrid Kirknes

- All 383 members of my super cool Facebook group.

- Lars Tynes

- and everyone that took the time to realizations this dream of a place in the finals in Level 1 Superunknown!

Thank you!