From getting towed by an engine inside a building to jumping in front of one of national geographic's most epic sunsets, Interlude The Movie witnesses the talent of "la crème de la crème" of Quebec's best riders...

ESK media's 2011 trailer "Interlude" from ESK media on Vimeo.

Directed by: Nicolas Brassard Asselin

Skiing by: JF Houle, Yan Bussières ,Charles Gagnier, Alex Bellemare, Jeremy Bellemare, Benoit Gendron, Antoine Choquette, Frank GP, Émile Bergeron, Stefan Curtis, Alex Beaulieu, Gabriel Boudreau and Jérome Vallée.

Camera by: Nicolas Brassard Asselin, Ludovic Lefebvre, Mathieu Vaudreuil, Drew Lederer and Nicolas Bertrand.