Well, it is Monday night. the weekend is officially over. I have skied 4 of the past 5 days and slept in my car 2 nights. A quick recap-

Sometime Friday morning I picked up my friend Danielle. We loaded up my Xterra with multiple sleeping bags, a backpacking stove, a couple down blankets and an air mattress. We then headed to A Basin for the weekend.

Upon ariving it was already snowing. We skied all the way until closing and then hung out in the bar for a little while. It started to snow even harder. The night consisted of smoking some mj, watching "The Life Aquatic" on my laptop, and then...did we get high again? I don't really remember...

What I can tell you is that when we woke up the next morning in the parking lot there was about two feet of new snow. I'm not sure what A Basin recorded for official snowfall, but the majority of my tires were buried.

For those of you who were there on Saturday, you know how crowded it was. LONG LONG lines for just a little skiing. Hell, it was still fun though.

Sometime around 3 on saturday we decided to head down valley to get some nice food and hang out for the evening. After some damn good "Dam Burgers" at the Dam Brewery in Dillon we went to see the movie "The Prestige". In case you aren't familiar with this film, it is about magicians. How could we NOT see it high out of our minds?

Perhaps it was because I was really high, perhaps it was because I was satisfying my large penchant for munchies by eating an enormous Hershey bar, but I thought the movie was very entertaining.

One of my roommates, Anthony, had joined us for the weekend later. He was also spending the night in the back of his 4Runner. After the movie the 3 of us headed to Keystone to look for a bathroom.

Keystone was a ghost town. We were the only people in the entire village. THE ONLY PEOPLE IN THE ENTIRE VILLAGE!!! It was almost scary. The thought that we were in a horror movie crossed my mind a few times. There was a lot of new snow on the ground, but there were barely any tracks in it. There was some strange music playing from some light post speakers, but all the shops and restaurants were locked up tight. After what seemed like hours and still bathroom-less, we got a little desperate. Across a large empty field we saw a hotel with some lights on.

As we neared the hotel we could make out two figures in the lobby. It was a couple in their 50's playing pool. Much to our relief, we found some bathrooms. When we got back to the lobby (which was more of a communal area, there was no check in desk or anything), the couple asked us what we were doing, etc. I thought that they were angry with 3 college kids roaming around intoxicated, but it soon became evident that they had no ill will against us. In fact, they were rather drunk themselves. They offered us some drinks, and of course we were happy to accept.

It turns out that the woman was a failed bar tender. She still made a great vodka/peach/mango/lime something or other. I had 3 or 4 large glasses of this concoction and I was feeling pretty good. We spent the next 2 hours running around with the 50 something couple, creating drunken mayhem usually reserved for people under the age of 25. We found the only other two people in the village who were in a hot tub nearby, and the 5 of us all pelted them with snowballs. Three college kids, and two people in their 50s acting in drunken unity. It was beautiful.

Over the course of the night we learned the life history of Lisa (the woman) and a little about her boyfriend Russ (Russ lived in Keystone at a condo in the building year round). At some point late in the night it was revealed to us that both Lisa and Russ were high. Incredible. They offered us some weed and a place to stay for the night, but we decided it would be a pretty good time to leave. They insisted that we come back the next day to eat lunch with them.

I woke up the next morning in the A Basin parking lot again. There was a little new snow, but the mountian was even more crowded. We didn't stay very long and we never made it back to Keystone to eat lunch with Lisa and Russ. We do have an open invataition to come back anytime. It was a fun weekend to say the least.

Now the best part, pictures-

Danielle and I the lift-

Our home for the weekend-

Mmm…snow covered mountains-

I wish we had pictures from that night at Keystone. I think there are a few on Danielle’s camera. I’ll post them if I can find em. Peace and love Newschoolers.