Why (long version)

There's been a couple a threads and discussions this past year about how Instagram is the new goto place for people to easily and quickly post their footage online. I don't believe that this makes Newschoolers irrelevant, it's still the number one spot for longer and higher quality content, but I do believe it hurts in the sense that all these insta edits can be sick and that they're hidden from Newschoolers. I mean that's footage that should be shared with the skiing community and in a sense it is, by the way of Instagram, but in my opinion you should be able to access this content on this site. Newschoolers doesn't have to fight for content with Instagram if it embraces it.

Why (short version)

I believe there should be some Instagram content on Newschoolers.


So here's what I propose:

On the home page, there could be some sections of Instagram content just like there's videos, photos, news, threads and all that stuff. This section would have to be larger in size than the ones for the other types of content (on browsers at least, maybe not on mobile) because you'd look at these video directly from the home page. Since these Instagram sections would be bigger, they'd grab your attention more easily and you still want to see other types of content so the number of these sections have to be minimized. There's a conflict here: you want to see those insta edits, but you don't want them taking all the place on the home page. One way to resolve this is to make these sections scroll horizontally. This way you can have multiple insta edits in a section occupying the same amount of space on the home page as if there was only one.

A quick demo of what it could look like


Ok well, that's great (or not), but what content from Instagram do you show on NS ? My answer has two parts.

1. Pros: Newschoolers could ask some pros and/or well-known people if they can share some of their (skiing related) Instagram content here.

2. Community: Of course everyone should be able to share their Instagram content here easily. There could be a setting in your profile where you say you want to have your Instagram content on here and you give your Instagram username. Then to "post" (indirectly) your Instagram stuff here you use a specific pre-defined hashtag on it. So only the content with that hashtag will be posted on NS.

I think this wouldn't really change what Newschoolers is and how it works. It doesn't create any personalized feed or anything and anyone in the community is still invited to share or not their content, it's simply a new type of content.

PS. From a technical point of view this is all very possible. There's just that Instagram's API is changing right now so it would probably be a good idea to wait for it to stabilize.