If you were on Instagram yesterday and didn’t see at least one #turnonpostnotifications picture, were you really on Instagram? The first post I came across on this topic was from Clayton Vila, which has now been deleted. Below is an example of a picture from a random Instagram user, 1 of 73,145 posts using the hashtag #turnonpostnotifications.


You might be asking, “Why the hell is this kid writing about Instagram on Newschoolers?” But in an age where a skier’s social media presence is almost as valuable as their bag of tricks, Instagram has essentially become embedded in the ski community.

Instagram calming the freakouts, but validating the changes to come.

There are two sides to this story: 1. Being a skier with a social media presence, and 2. Simply being someone who follows pros, friends who ski, and anyone in between.

So take someone like Clayton Vila for example, who currently has 16,700 followers. I’m sure he will maintain his social media presence with this change, but he will in a sense be competing with other popular posts now. Skiers with 2,000-3,000 followers will take more of a hit, scrambling to make sure their content is still seen so their sponsors are satisfied. This change will in a way, jeopardize these rider's chances at a level playing field.


Although, @stopskiing's Tall T Dan is not phased one bit about this upcoming change.

On the other side, for the common man, this change is unfortunate. Sure you might still be able to see pro’s posts, but what about the friends you know through skiing, or the guys in the middle. Isn’t it enough to already follow these people, now we have to turn on their damn post notifications to keep up? If this follows through, I will be really bummed. I don’t want to be forced to turn on my homie’s post notifications just to peep that shot he got.


Lastly, I saw this announcement from Instagram today. I think this wack, ridding of the 15 second video that set them apart from other social media apps in the first place.

Whether you agree with me or not, Instagram without a doubt plays a large role in skiing. It has virtually changed the way we view skiing content today, almost making skiers and companies dependent on views, likes, and comments for success. This update will definitely have an effect on the skiing in the media, whether it is good or bad we will just have to wait and see.

What do you think? Like/dislike the idea of the update? Why did I read this?