Words by Ginger_Drew

X-Game Gold Medalist in Big Air/Silver Medalist in Sopestyle skier Henrik Harlaut along with Phil Casabon and Paul Bergeron visited Elm Creek Park Reserve through Inspired Media Tour. Amazing to see the style and skill you see in videos and on TV in real life at your local park. The conditions were pretty rough where it was about 15 degrees out with a 30 mph wind comming up hill. After shredding for a couple hours they went into the chalet and took time to talk to people, answer any questions, get some food, and sign some gear. Personally, I had one of my skis signed right beween the binding where it's under my foot when I'm skiing. Hopefully this will avoid the signatures from fading away from contact with snow/others skiers/boarders equipment. After they finished signing equipment they went back to skiing where Pinewskis Boardshop located in Anoka, MN held a small jam where the Inspired Crew participated and also helped judge. The event took place on 4 different features where the best trick on each feature won a prize. The first feature was a 15 foot flat bar where the winning trick was a front-change pretzel 270 out by a skier known as Kenny who rides at Wild Mountain located in Taylor Falls, MN. The next feature was a rainbow rail where the winning trick was a back-change continuing 450 out by Courtney Osborn. 2nd place was given to Connor Kimball for doing a nose tap 360 over the rail. The 3rd feature was a flat-drop-flat bar where a snowboarder won known as Little Nick (Nick Stotz) after Harlaut saw him throw down. They were so impressed with the 10 year old snowboarder that they had him take runs while the took video of him. The last feature was a flat down flat rail where Andrew Ahlstrom, a local skier at Elm Creek won with a disaster 270 on along with a back-change switch out. All of the Inspired Crew were super fun to ride with and were also very friendly and willing to talk to just about anyone. Had to be one of the most fun nights I have had skiing in my life.