I started out a digital boy in a digital world but soon after my camera that i called home was a canon 30D and a film camera Mamiya 500 DTL I fell in love with both.
Wow. there are so many photographers out there but i would have to say action Ian Ruther or Cole Barash both have a great passion but have the eye to do anything they set there mind to. They both really have the photo gig in the bag. Non action i would say the classic Ansel Adams his way of capturing a landscape with perfect light and the best black in whites every produced makes him top of my list.
There is no way of telling how many photos I have taken in my life..... but if it's any consolation i shot 60 gigs of photos in hood in a week and a half ( for all you nerds out there ).I don't think the digital age has made it difficult to become a photographer, I would say easier to call yourself a photographer with your SLR but the realistic photo world hasn't changed in a while. You still have to have a great vision, eye and focus to be a legitimate photographer unlike most digital button pushers.
For one thing it is one of Josh Bishop's favorite things in the world, I know that for certain. I would go with the amount a light a lens takes in during a photo without thinking about how fast your shutter is droppin, Trebek.
Homies, Surface, and my first subject and best friend Ian Wade are my favorite athletes to shoot with.All environments have their moments but hers nothing like getting on a mountain and finding something unique due to weather and the feature, it's like napalm in the morning!
Afterbang, Lame, Afterlame are my favorite snowboard films. That's all that needs to be said ever.Significant......hum.....I would say the skateboarder in the Sun Tunnels of Utah was my first big step in the right direction.
Breathing underwater is for the fishes, but yeah that would be pretty rad to have some gills and explore the deep blue.For more incredible imagery, check out ianmattesonphoto.com !

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