Andy Mahre and myself recently took a quick trip to India... well maybe not too quick... it took Mr. Mahre 48hrs longer then the typical length of travel time to India which by itself is approximately... 26 hrs...He stayed approx. 72hrs until heading back to Seattle, which took another 36hrs due to an unfortunate 10hr. layover in Delhi. My point is, Mr. Mahre skied less days in India then he traveled. Poor Guy. Anyway, this is our trip, in a nutshell. Even after about a month without snowfall, we were still able to find a couple turns with good snow... which is surprising to find anywhere that long after snowfall. Gulmarg is truly a special place and I'd like to thank our kiwi hosts for setting us up and showing us a good time, and their Kashmiri counterparts for showing us around. Thanks