Intact with boots and skis. 

Snowbird is offering a $60 summer pass that gives you privileges to the

Tram with your ski equipment, along with specialty activities, like the

mechanical bull and zip line.  As skiers, we were the definite outcasts

on the plaza deck, amidst the mob of families clad in red, white, and

blue.  From the plaza deck skiing is unimaginable, with only mini smart

car sized patches of snow still remaining on some shady north facing

slopes.  But with a tram ride to the top and minimal effort necessary

to get to the top of the Baldy Chutes, any lack of motivation did not

impede on our adventure.  Apparently 100 degree weather in the valley

and a good start to biking season didn't demotivate a handful of other

skiers we found once we got to the top of Baldy.  The "tie-dye twins",

known infamously for skiing around Little Cottonwood all winter in

tye-dyed t-shirts and board shorts, greeted us at the top telling us

that they didn't expect to see anyone else up on the peak that day and

the first person they encountered that day they ambushed with an

artillery of rocks, mistaking him for a moose.  We skied Main Chute

into Alta, a long anticlimactic run.  Even the anticlimax, superfluous

distribution of sun cups, and a few 100 ft plus dirt skis, didn't make

me wish I was sitting in the valley, sweating and wishing it was


Peace Out,