I’ve always flirted with the idea of timelapses but have never really seen one through. I guess its always been a case of not being too inspired to make one. This year though i’ve spent a lot of time with Josh over at Level 1 Productions who is a timelpase machine. He always seems to have one on the go in some place or other making me want to try out the process more and more.

With my creative juices flowing and a rather well positioned balcony i went ahead and tried out to make one last week up in Villars resort in Switzerland. My initial attempt was for a 24 hour timelapse but this didn’t quite work as during the night my batteries ran out twice making the moon appear to jump across the frame as i uploaded it to my computer. What did seem great though was the last few hours as blue sky turned grey and a big rain storm swept into the valley.

So here’s the final result, i recommend you view it full screen as the clouds pull some crazy dance moves around the 40 second mark.