So I’m over studying in Norway for a semester. I’ve had a few fun ski trips to trysil, norefjell, and Tryvann but I’ve been really missing the bigger mountain vibe. More than that, I’m missing a community here. I’ve learned a few things over the past few weeks.

One, I’m super super suuuuuuper f*cking privileged. Having an awesome resort twenty minutes from my front door at home is not common. It requires an incredible investment of time and money, one I am really grateful my parents have made.

Two, it is lonely as hell to not have like minded people around me. I moved to the flat, warmer, southern part of Norway - like the New Jersey of the US.

Here near Oslo, I’m having a really hard time finding mountain folk. Norwegians are a little more closed off than I’m used to in the US, and I just don’t know how to contact people that do big things in the mountains.

How the hell did Hedvig Wessel get into skiing over here?!!! Where’s Nikolai Schirmer and how can I be his friend? All jokes aside, I want to go tour in places like Trømso and the lofoten islands, JotunheimenI, Hemsedal, etc. and I need some people!! I have all my backcountry shit and 5 years of experience.

If anyone has any tips on how to create community with backcountry / freeride skiers while in an urban area, please let me know. And if you would be willing to put up a college kid who loves skiing for a few days & you’re located in Norway, let me know :) grateful I have a connection to skiing through this app, even if we are all spread out all over the world.