So today was Icer Air 2006. I arrived there pretty early around 10:00. walked around a bit just staring at the Monster jump. It looked pretty good but had a really harsh landing.

After a while staring at the jump i walked around a found some booths. I talked to the rep of each booth for a good 10-20 minutes each. Hear some news from Line about the Anthem. Checked out the new dynastar skis.  It was all really good stuff.

As the day progressed i went onto the field and watched a small little kid in the pipe doing some pretty good stuff with a cast on his arm.

Finals came up at night and they all were doing 9's and Switch 9's. It almost got boring seeing as it was getting into a spin to win competition. Jon Olson was throwing some really good switch misty 7's. Pete also was doing some really good misty 5's. Over all the whole event was super sick and provided a huge step up in the skiing world. I heard many people asking others if they knew skiers could actually go backwards.

Just more photos I took throughout the day.

Workers unloading new snow onto the landing