March 26, 2013

Icelantic Skis Limited Edition Sam Flores Colab

Colorado based ski maker, Icelantic Skis has teamed up with American visual artist, illustrator and muralist Sam Flores to create a one-of-a-kind, limited availability ski like youíve never seen before.

Icelantic, a long time fan of Flores, was introduced to Flores while he was in Denver working on the Terminal Kings installation at the Denver International Airport. An immediate connection blossomed into Icelanticís First Artist Series ski, featuring for the first time, an artist other than Icelanticís Travis Parr.

ďI have been a fan of Samís work since the first time I saw one of his pieces. His style and depth fit well with Icelanticís vibe and are just different enough to add a cool edge. We are honored that Sam was as excited about this project as we were Ė looking forward to see how itís received Ė both in the ski community and the art scene.Ē - Ben Anderson, Founder of Icelantic skis.

As with all of Icelanticís skis, the option of buying the Giclee print in addition to the skis, is available and makes for a unique art piece, as well as a new option for displaying the skis when not skiing. The Ski/Giclee package comes with an easy-mount ski hanger making all involved look good.

The Limited Edition Flores ski comes on Icelanticís Top-Selling Nomad RKR, which is available in 161cm, 171cm and 181cm lengths. Skis and Giclees will be available on the Icelantic website:

As with all Icelantic skis, the Flores Limited Edition is made in Denver, Colorado and comes with a 2-Year warranty. Only 100 pairs were made of this ski so get a pair before it is too late.

Check out Sam working on the painting here:

Sam Flores (born 1975) is an American visual artist, illustrator, and muralist, primarily creating urban- and graffiti-inspired modern art.[1] He has worked with various mediums, including acrylics, pen and ink, and sculpture.[1] Much of his early work focused on developing designs for skateboarding and clothing companies.[2] He has displayed in the United States, Canada, Singapore, Japan and throughout Europe.[3]