Alright boys and girls here's the scoop...last season, I spent a ton of money, a ton being a lot more then I make (which isn't much), and I had to borrow, beg and steal to have the season I had. The season I had was the BEST season of my life, I got to travel, do a TON of filming and got a lot of shots that I wanted, and even got to put my name into a few contest start lists. It was worth the money...until now. I am ridiculously broke, and am being forced to sell shit, which includes my two-year-old ferret Lil Weezy, aka WEEZY DA BOSS, who sold yesterday for $120. THIS IS SAD!

I'm trying to get a real persons job to pay the bills, but there's no way I'm sitting in front of a desk, and I have to stay in the US to finish up some of my flight school stuff before I can go back to Canada and work. So...I finally land a job coaching at Momentum Session 3! Hooray!!!

But to continue this job onto Session 4, Momentum needs at least six more campers to sign up. This is where you come in. If six of my fellow Newschoolers can sign up for Momentum Ski Camps Session 4, you will not only score me a job, you will get the treatment of your lives, including: 7/11 slurpees at your request*, drinks at the bar**, and one of the six will receive a Jiberish hoodie***!

I have heard other offers from other members of the NS community, but I can't claim those for you just yet. Nonetheless, I promise to make your camp experience one to scrapbook with your mom, and show to your grand kids in 60 years. Any takers?" - Ian Cosco

* One slurpee per day per person.

** If you are of drinking age in Whistler (19).

*** The winner will be picked randomly.