words: Jason Mousseauphotos: Felix Rioux and Ben HebertSince the IF3 site is now live, I figured I'd throw together an article to let everyone know what's the deal with the best freeskiing event of the year (claim). Where else can you hang out with your friends, check out every single ski movie, party like its 1999, meet all your idols and have them throw truckloads of free stuff at you? That's why you have to do what it takes to get down to Montreal for September 11th!

Cali P. wants YOU there, so read below to find how to make it happenSince I'm the man and a super nice guy, I will be organizing group rates (bus, hotel and VIP passes) for four different areas near Montreal (Ottawa, Toronto, Burlington, New York). It's looking like the whole trip can be done for under $300 each, and I'm doing my best to keep it as cheap as possible so that anyone can have the best weekend of their life. Right now I'm looking for one "leader" in each area to be my liaison, rally up the troops, collect the money and pretty much be the man (or woman). Obviously this person has to be responsible, committed, outgoing and know how to party. If you posses these traits and are interested, send me a pm (Mousseau) or email (info@if3.ca) and I'll get back to you! Obviously they will get hooked up with a free trip and tons of free drinks courtesy of me.
If you see these guys, buy them a drink. Doug Bishop, Felix Rioux and JF DuRocher. The men behind IF3.So since you guys have a basic idea of what IF3 is, I figure I'll let you know the schedule and post some pictures for all of you too lazy to read my beautiful summary. The festival starts off with a bang on Thursday, as Salomon is hosting the "10 years of 1080" party at La Mouche. Max Capacity is 1200, so it should be pretty damn epic and tickets are 6$ at the door, so make sure you bring all your friends! Unfortunately the party is for those 18 years and older, so bring an I.D. saying you are of age or you are going to miss out.
Salomon is kicking off the festival with a huge party at La Mouche (18+)Nothing is planned for the Friday morning after the Salomon party, so that everyone can sleep off their killer hangovers (another reason why you should buy the IF3 boys a drink). The festivities start at 3:30 sharp with two of the five AM movies premiering their films, followed by Alliance (SVP), Head for the Hills (Meathead films), The Journal (Theory-3). There is then a short break so that everyone can pour out into the lobby to buy some beers, which can be enjoyed throughout the next two films; Massive (Tanner Hall) and Such is Life (Rage Films).
Imperial Cinema folks, it's badassIf you are still recovering from the Thursday night Salomon party, then you need to get your act together quick because Friday is the Red Bull Massive Party with Cali P. Does it get any better than that? This party is all-ages so there shouldn't be any excuse to not be at Le Cabaret Juste Pour Rire that night!
You should be at the Cali P. reggae party no matter what
Even if you have to walkThe next day begins at noon with the other three AM films. Make sure you don't miss any of the Amateur entries since the riding, filming, editing and work put into these movies are comparable to those of the Pro category. Everyone has to start somewhere so watch out for these riders and filmers in the next few years...
Who knows, you might even get to lick Max's nippleThe rest of the afternoon is filled with ski movies, a few more ski movies, a bunch of free stuff, and then some more ski movies. The lineup looks like this:Skiing Is _____ , Atomic/OstnessBroadcast, Mystic Land ProductionsUp in Snow, Ride The PlanetsGet Lucky, Field ProductionsHunting Yeti, Nimbus IndependantÃ� Turbo, Level 1Reasons, PoorBoyz 
Don't worry though, they'll be time in between movies to get some autographs (and beers)You thought the Tanner Hall Massive party was good? Well then I guess the NS Awards is going to be EPIC. If you were there last year you would know what I'm talking about. The judges give their decision on the various film and rider categories, where each winner is awarded with a custom NS Award ski (thanks to Moment). Then the NS crew takes over the stage, and provides you with everything you could possibly want and need in order to party. This year we're switching the venue to Theatre Telus so that we can party with about 250 more people!
We brought you Kid Koala last year, and this year we're stepping it up with DJ Gislain Poirier to keep the party going till the wee hours of the night.
A ton of free stuff for everyone. If you manage NOT to get smacked in the face with flying free gear then you have some crazy skills.
Green shoes, green beer bottle, green wad of cash...White suit.
There will be tons of shoes, and yes, they kick ass. If you don't believe me then look at the guy in green (bottom right corner), he's loving it!
Oh, and not to mention we provide robots to present awards.Sunday is a day of rest, where anyone who is somebody in the ski industry meet away from the public to talk about all things related to skiing. It's a day for everyone else to recover, pack up the gong show that was IF3 and start making their hungover journey back home. The next two days are not open for the public unfortunately, but the day after the industry meeting is the JF Cusson Invitational, where everyone gets together for a round of golf and further prove the fact that most skiers can't play for their life.
The idea of the industry people, but imagine a lot more people
I bet JF can crush 99% of you reading thisSo you might be thinking "Damn this is an amazing event, but there's no way it'll cost less than 6,000$" Well guess what? You are soooo wrong, this is what pricing will be:Package PriceVIP Passes for the IF3 (all screenings and parties)$65.991 Pro film screening (1 out of 5)$13.49Am film screenings (all 5)$10.49Massive Party Feat. Cali-P$12.49NS Awards & IF3 Party$12.49Salomon 10 Years Of 1080$6.00Only 250 VIP Passes are being sold (which come with a free NS lanyard), meaning if you don't happen to grab one of them before they are sold out, you are going to have to buy all the tickets individually (which will cost over 100$).Since we at Newschoolers are the shit, we will be offering an "NS IF3 Super VIP Package" at our store. Which will include an IF3 VIP Pass, an IF3 beanie, a NS bandana, a NS lanyard, a NS scarf and a NS sticker pack. Retail on this would be over 90$, but we will be selling it in the mid seventies.
Make sure you get here whether you hike...
...or ParaglideExpect full IF3 coverage from us at NS with daily updates about all the latest and greatest along with a ton of contests leading up to and during the festival. Might as well have a contest right now...For once and only once, the person with the first post (that actually mentions this contest, sucks for all you people who don't take the time to read it) will get some NS swag.