IF3, Newschoolers, street movies, and Trash Bar, it's a match made in heaven. We'll be celebrating the (partial) reopening of the world and a year of banger street flicks with a night of premieres at Trash Bar, as part of the IF3 Montreal Festival. There'll be drinks aplenty, you can skate the mini-bowl in the bar and, if we can find it, the flabongo might even make a return. @P3t3r and @Dr.Zorko will be there with some NS stickers and other swag too.


Movies showing at Trash Bar:

Ski Saint-Bruno Videoquest 2020-2021 Winner:

Home Sweet Home by Hugo Dubé-Bouchard/Cédric Richard

Tweakend - Interconnect

Forre -Forrmula

MOB - Back to the Roots

Joona Kangas - Land of the Darker Sun

Alex Hall - Security Notice

Rogue Otter Studios - Moitié Moitié

Level 1 - Freehand

Keegan Killbride / Cam Willis -Slim To None

MJ Production - Hosti

Torment Mag - Living room

Strictly - Most Gutter