I never got into the whole myspace thing... I started coming to NS back in the day, and it has turned into something so much more since then. Well, I wrote my first 'blog' yesterday, and since then I've been thinking about blogs... what are their purpose? Perhaps the forum is so busy these days that people don't feel their voices being heard, so this is a way to get your opinion out there for longer than 2 hours... Than I started thinking, does anybody really care about what I have to say? But, I guess if you're reading this than someone is interested. I believe I will be writting in my 'blog' for quite a bit during this month, for having the internet is a novelty for me, and the fact that I don't have very much money at the moment (you can't do much without money in Vancouver), I might as well write down my thoughts of the world.

I would like to start with this - the blog (in other words technology). Living without a tv most of the year, and without frequent access to a computer I miss out on a lot of information about...well, everything. Last month I needed someone to explain to me what a Podcast was. Seams a bit silly to me - finding it necessary to download something (like the news) onto your Ipod so you can watch it while out and about... isn't that what a newspaper is for? There are tv shows that use the home viewing audience to influence the direction of the show as it's on live.

Us as humans are creating the imposible everyday... we have almost eliminated the need to travel for doing business, we are slowly eliminating the need of the postal service (although at least at the private level - FedEx, UPS, etc - there will always be a demand for shipping objects). It is now possible to never leave your house - ever. You could 'go to' school, work, even get groceries delivered to your house from the comfort of your computer chair. Maybe one day they'll even stop making books, and all literature will be online.

There is a major flaw with all of this technology though. Everytime there is a new advance in technology, unless it matched with (relativly old) technology being introduced in a area of poverty, it does not help society. There is a huge unbalance right now between the super rich, and the super poor, and unless this changes society will fail. Currently, the rich aren't content with just getting richer, they must get as rich as they can, and fast as they can. Countries like the U.S. and Canada are putting billions of dollars into making their country work as effeciantly as possible. They are doing this by consuming large amounts of non-renuable resouces - we are effectivly comitting suicide (as well as murdering those who aren't as rich).

It is possible to stop this destructive trend, but only the rich have the power to do so. Two island in Denmark have sucessfully created sustainability. They create enough power from wind, water, and the sun, to not only power the islands but to sell to the mainland as well. If larger, richer countries want to accomplish such a feat, it must forfiet a percentage of it's profits. Not loose money, just make money at a slower pace. Unless we stop our greed for technology, slow down and make wiser decisions as a society, we will fail. The human civilization will fall.