If you clicked on this thread, I'm going to guess that your last day of skiing for the season has come and gone, or is fast approaching, and you're probably going to stop logging on to Newschoolers so frequently. So we've decided to sponsor the Jibberish contest started by crunk_ryan to keep your attention spans occupied as long as possible in this season of long, hot days and short, hot skirts. The winner in each category scores an NS sticker pack and a mystery ski DVD from all the films we have around the office. Oh, and P.S., honestly, does anyone know straight-up what it would take to get Jibberish made for Macs? This is getting ridiculous.P.P.S. Happy 420!- kamikazeHere's the contest info from crunk_ryan:yo whos down for a jiberish contest?

We got 4 categories:

Best Jib

post a video (short clip) of ONE rail/jib that you

think might win the Best Jib award. No cheating (shift cheat, etc.)

Throw down on ur keyboard, 27's 450's, 3 swups etc.

Best Air

post a video (short clip) of ONE jump/air that you

think might win the Best Air award. No cheating (shift cheat, etc.)

When you post the video name the trick in the description or title.

Best Edit

Post an edit, with whatever music or sound u want... and with

any levels on it, any tricks, any rails, and well edited and dope. make

it like a dope top rated vid, but with jibberish.

Best Xgames Run

Again post a vid of one run on the Xgames level start

to finish, no editing, raw footy. If there is any signs of editing or

cuts...it will be cut from the contest.

start makin em vids

Jibberish comp recorders...:



All videos made:

Post them and send me a PM(message) with the link. All Videos will be

re-posted on NS by me on the day that voting starts (all videos titled

JIBBERISH - (category) by (username)). The top rated video from each

category wins the category. (NS users vote) All videos will be listed

on a different thread under each category.

Updates will be available on this thread they will be noticable.