The day I learned a 360′ was awesome! I was at Alpine Meadows skiing with Chris, my Coach, and all my ski team friends. I finally talked my Coach into taking us to Tiegel Poma Terrain Park.  I just love hitting all the jumps and rails in the park. I wanted to try to throw a 360′, and asked my Coach to help. He gave me a few tips and sent me down the jump while my team chanted “DO IT! DO IT!”. I got my speed going into the jump, I popped at the top, looked over my shoulder, and spun as hard as I could. I got a little dizzy, but I stuck it! I was so excited I didn’t leave the Terrain Park until all the lifts closed that day. Then my brother Logan and I went home and built a huge jump in our backyard and practiced until we couldn’t feel our toes.

Produced by Alpine Meadows

Submitted by: Cody

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