We headed up to Windells camp to catch up with session 7 and see what goes on in the end of the summer at Mt. Hood, yea and I forgot my Camera, so here are some half quality iphone pics or you could say I was just trying to be heady unpurpose

That’s Collin Collins hangin ARC style.

Wow these pictures turned out blurry but here is the scene at a Windell’s coaches sale, scavengers I tell you!

Easily the best t-shirt…EVER.

Martini had to try out the new SagaTron tee but he’s got other things in making, we are stoked for him.

Last bu not least we saw the TREW tour bus parked out behind the ARC so we had to investigate. To our surprise we met up with ski show host Mike Rogge and finally see what the tour bus was all about, it was epic, now I want one (dreams come true, right?)

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