A 20-year-old from Vernon, BC, Justin Dorey has been around the

scene for a minute already. And with his streak of podium performances

in last winter's pipe contests, Justin is developing a reputation as a

top three kind of guy. Now that Justin's not busy skiing his way into

the judges' top three, he let me in on a few of his own top threes.

Read up. Next spring, this might become Justin Dorey's Top Ones.


Reading through Bone's top threes, one thing blatantly sticks out at me: his three favorite foods shaped like dicks are wieners, submarine sandwiches, and bananas; while his three favorite non-dick-shaped foods are sushi, pasta, and burritos. unless he's talking specifically about ravioli, lasagna, tortellini, and nigiri, sushi and pasta are pretty dick-shaped for not being shaped like dicks. Burritos are indisputably dick-shaped. In the process of editing this interview, I should have consolidated those two questions into Dorey's six favorite dick-shaped foods.