This one has been doing the rounds already, but we figured we'd throw it up too... Partly because it was filmed by one of NS' homies and has actually been on the site for a while already. But mostly because, if nothing else, this huge slide serves as an important reminder as to why you don't just traverse off into closed terrain. Sure this was triggered by patrol, but we're pretty confident they weren't expecting to take out a bunch of forest any more than you'd have been expecting it a moment before it buried your ass.


Video: Jon Rustin

The slide occurred at Crystal Mountain's Powder Bowl (though "Death Chunder Bowl" might now be more appropriate). The zone is easily accessible and, on the face of it, pretty mellow terrain. So to see such a massive slab go like this should be a wake-up-call to all of us. The insane snowpack many mountains have on offer this spring is bound to be tempting but the mountains are gnarly right now folks, tread with care and know before you go.

Crystal Mountain has a wild range of terrain... and plenty of terrain traps too