You will learn in this video:

- How to slide c-rails jumping on from the inside of the rail

- How to slide c-rails jumping on from the outside of the rail

- Common mistakes and how to avoid them

Jumping on C-rails from the inside:

When you approach the c-rail on the inside I like to come in on a slight angle to the beginning of the rail.
As you pop off the ground you need to angle your body into to the turn so when you land on the rail you already have the right angle for the rail.
I like to use counter rotation to twist the skis onto the rail. You can also use rotation to spin on but I find it harder to do since you have to stop the rotation by locking(pedaling).
The counter rotation is good to use because you end up with one arm on each side of the body like this. It gives you both good balance and your are ready to do a 270 out or more at of it if you would like to.
At the very end of the rail when hitting it from the inside your stand straight vertical on top of the rail. This is so you get maximum pop of the rail if you want to spin 270/450s out.
As I approach the rail Look at the end of the rail. This is going to help you maintain balance all the way and also help you approximate how much you will have to lean into the turn.

Jumping on C-rails from the outside:

When jumping onto a C-rail from the outside you have to ride at it at a rather big angle.
When landing on the top of the rail from this side you will land with your body vertical like this. And instantly start to tip into the turn of the C-rail.
Here you can see how Vinnie is tipping into the turn perfectly in relationship with the radius of the C and his speed.
Here you can see the ideal angle to ride at the rail at. When I hit C-rail from the outside I always imagine a line going through the C from where I am going to land on it and across it. This helps me approach the rail at a good angle and approximate how much I will have to lean into the turn of the C.
Land on the rail vertical.
Tip into the turn and look towards the landing.

Common mistakes:

Tipping of the inside of the rail.
Use the same speed next time but angle your body less.

Tipping off the out side:

Tipping off the out side.
Use same speed next time but lean into the curve more.