What you will learn:

- You will learn how to act on top of the rail

- How to hit it for optimal balance

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When you are sliding a kinked rail there you must be more active on the rail than on a more simple down rail. Let your front leg be a bit relaxed so the kink can push it up a bit or you pull it up a bit. You also will have to stand forward leaning on the first part then straight on the middle part then forward leaning on the last part of the rail.
As you slide from the flat part of the rail to the last down part make sure to lean forward so you get some pressure on the front foot. This for good balance and also so later on you can learn to lock and spin of the rail with style.
See how the body actually is perpendicular to the rail on not just the last down part but on all parts of the rail.
When you approach the rail. I like to ride straight towards it so I can see that I am aligned with the rail completely.
Then do a easy turn out to the side of the perfect alignment to the rail so you ride pretty much parallel to the rail.
Here you can see my old track in the snow and isn't pretty parallel to the rail? Pop onto the rail using a gentle side ways pop on to the rail.
Start looking at the end of the rail as you pop up in to the air. This will help you maintain good balance just as a slackliner looks at the end of the line to keep the balance.
See here again how parallel the line is that is taken as I am approaching the transition of the rail.
Land with the skis on a slight angle towards the rail to stop the small movement that otherwise would make you tip over to the left. Experiment with different angles depending on your angle towards the rail.

To twist the skis onto the rail I mainly like doing it using some counter rotation. This because it gives me good balance and control on the rail thanks to having one arm on each side of the rail like this.

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We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and will learn to hit the kinked rails in your park or city,

Stomp it,

Jens and the Stomp It crew