Now is the time to think about summer camp! Tons of you are asking about scholarships and discounts. Let?s shine some light on the issue here. We do offer the following discounts:

1) ?Good Grades? Discount (mostly A?s and B?s or a 3.4 GPA and up!) Fax us a copy of your report card or transcript and we?ll knock $50 off your camp fee just for being smart.

2) ?Bring a Friend? Discount In your registration paperwork (under ?How?d you hear about camp??) persuade your friend(s) to put your name down and you?ll get $50 off for every friend that’s new to Windells. Over the years we?ve discovered friends respond well to bribery with candy.

3) USASA Discount Are you a USASA member? That?s neat. We?ll give you $151 off of camp.

Windells Camp is accredited by the American Camping Association. What does this mean for you? There?s money floating around the universe waiting to be scooped up! Search for federal grants. They?re out there.

Plenty of our campers raise funds to get to camp. Here are some creative FUNdraising ideas…

1) Cash in on candy sales

Sell high-quality confections like Hershey bars, Kit Kats, and M&Ms. Buy in bulk from local stores (ask for 10 to 20% off) and sell them for double. You?re a kid; chances are you can look cute if you try and people will buy things from you (but don?t go door-to-door in creepy neighborhoods!)

2) ?Give-a-Buck? fundraiser

Sell paper shamrocks or Easter eggs to your friends and family for $1 (or more if you?re feeling chiefy) and let them write their name on it. Pin them to your clothes or tape them on your locker, etc. to draw attention to your cause. Most likely, your friends will want to make you look like a dork so they?ll be down for the cause.

3) Wash some whips

Car washes are an easy operation. Don?t charge people for the wash itself but ask for donations. Ask a local grocery store to donate their parking lot space.

4) Throw a ?Please Don?t Come to my Party? party

It?s a simple concept: create an invitation for your ?party?, make it funny and elaborate, send it out to friends and family online or by mail. Don?t worry, you don?t actually have to hold a party because people aren?t actually coming! Let them know what you?re raising money for and ask them to ?buy tickets? to your party, or send donations. Humor is key for this one.

5) Get rid of your stuff

Hold a garage sale! Ask your parents for help with organizing and hold a sale one weekend. Let people know what you?re raising money for and chances are they?ll donate to your cause, too.

6) ?Goating?

This is just plain strange and not really a recommendation from us, however, it is hilarious. ?At least 150 people were ‘goated’ ? a pair of 3-year-old pygmy goats was placed on their lawn, and they had to pay $50 to have the animals removed. For a $40 donation residents could request a ‘goating.’ Once removed, that resident could donate $40 and select a different target. ‘Goating insurance’ was also available for a $40 donation. Many victims never even saw goats ? they paid the money upfront when notified they were ‘next.’  Fourteen volunteers set up the goatings, hauling the animals from lawn to lawn and collecting donations.?

Are your wheels turning? Sessions are filling up quick so get on it! A $500 deposit will hold your spot at camp, we just ask that all payments are made in full by May 1st. Register now for summer snowboard, ski, skate, and BMX online at