How I spent my summer vacation

Unfortunately, by going to summer school, I cut my summer skiing time down to a mere 2 weeks. However, now I don’t have to go to school from December until May… STOKED!

After getting out of school, I jumped in my somewhat new whip…

…and headed out to Park City to meet up with the one and only John Spriggs. Spriggs hasn’t cut his hair in a few years and his mane was getting out of control. Instead of shaving or cutting it like most, Spriggs decided to dread it, and now he looks like the illegitimate love child of big bird and a pirate. Oh, he also is the newest member of Fischer skis! Congrats dude!

We seshed around on the water ramps and trampolines at the Utah Olympic Park. Lots of homies were there and lots of flippy spinny tricks were attempted. Matt Philippi was there, watch out, he is back and is doing some filthy right rodeos.

After a couple days in Utah, Spriggs and I decided it was time to go real skiing and hopped in the car and drove to Oregon. We posted up in Pastuka’s living room and after a couple rainy days got to shred around Timberline.

Mt Hood is having an amazing snow year. As of August 23rd, you could lap Palmer, hit 4 rails or a jump, and at the end of the day you only had to hike a couple hundred feet down to the parking lot. So sick for late August

After Nick Martini and the ever popular Tom Wallisch rolled into town on Friday, we rolled down to the Wendy’s Invitational Dew Tour stop in Portland to compete in a rail jam outside the Rose Quarter. The rail jam was a promotional event for the upcoming Winter Dew Tour, which is a super sick event that will help skiing get much more recognized in the public’s eye. It seems like X-Games in a tour form. Anyway, everybody threw down, got some people stoked and this is how it ended up…

1st – Wallisch

2nd – Cosco

3rd – Schuster

4th – Walker

5th – Martini

6th – Olenick

7th – Raymond

8th - Spriggs

The other sweet part about the Dew Tour was the cash payout all the way down to last with even Spriggs getting $700. I don’t have a digi cam yet, but I managed to snipe some photos from Freeskier. Photo cred to SHAY WILL and google.

From the top

The countdown clock was a nice addition

Tommy, Kenny and Joey

That’s all for now. Keep checking back for more Salomon updates soon!