Words by Alex & Nick Martini

Photos by Matt Stauble (http://www.mattstaublephoto.com)

After a long wait Stept Productions is proud to officially unveil all the info about their latest project. "How We Livin". In contrast to our last production "Road to Nowhere", a travel-style documentary, this years project "How We Livin" offers a rider-segmented format and raw skiing.

Nick Martini

With a jam packed rider list put into a mixtape format combined with a fast, upbeat soundtrack, "How We Livin" takes you to the streets, the backcountry, and everything in between.

Alex Martini


Rider List

Nick Martini

Alex Martini

Cam Riley

Matt Walker

Shea Flynn

Sean Jordan

Tom Warnick

Paul Berger

Clayton Vila

Ian Boll

Mark Hoyt

Sean Decker

Stu Halverson

Parker White & more...

Ten highlights to catch in "How We Livin"

1) Skiers and Snowboarders sessioning TOGETHER.

2) Soundtrack mixed by NS favorite Andrew "Hathbanger" Hathaway, and includes some original Hathbanger exclusives.

3) Banger Montage Inc. cameos this year, backcountry like whoa!

4) Keeping to their roots, Stept spent time this winter filming all over East Coast to give the movie some EC flavor.

Tom Warnick

5) Where has Alex Martini been? On a wild eight-month journey filming for "How We Livin". Follow his backcountry journeys with neat friends.

6) You've seen a lot of what Nick Martini has been doing this year, but the best is yet to come! The unseen Breck footage, and his best tricks to date.

Nick Martini

7) Sean Jordan's first ever movie segment showing why he is one the best up-and-comers.

8) Watch Cam Riley charge the gnarliest handrails in Colorado.

Cam Riley

9) A fast-paced, upbeat movie that won't get old, and will make you watch it over and over again.

Nick Martini

10) BONUS: The Complete Guide to Urban Skiing, to give you all the tips we used to keep hitting urban every year.


How We Livin trailer

Order your copy today at http://www.steptproductions.com