01:37 Step 1: Cork to back on trampoline

04:30 Step 2: Double cork 1080 to foam pit

06:17 Step 3: Double cork on trampoline

Covered in How to double cork part 2: Dropping next Friday

Step 4: Double cork on water ramp

Step 5 Getting prepared on snow

Step 6: Send it!

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Make sure to know how to do really good cork 5´s and 7´s of both tiny jumps and big ones too. You also need to be able to spin fast enough to do at least a 1080 or 1260 off a big jump. On top of this you should also know how to do these tricks on the trampoline.

We are learning how to do cork to back because it will help us spot mistakes and get a good feeling for how it feels to start dipping into the second cork. Once you got a cork to back, down there is not such a big step to do the double cork.

In the air wind up some rotation like normal so you spin about 720° with an over cork.

In the set It is important set if with a god posture sort of pushing the chest upwards and I want you also to rather look upwards than down and behind you. Most problems with corks in general comes from doing a "morky" set like I Jens have a tendency to do so make sure to do you best to avoid that. Learn to have a nice set know and it will save you a lot of trouble in the future.

Quickly pull in your legs grab a safety or mute grab because the tuck you get form doing the grab will make you cork faster. The more tucked you are the faster the corking motion will be.

Try to finished the first cork by 630° see if you can even do it 540° then you will be likely learn dub 1080 on skis.

Pay attention to what direction Eric´s head is pointing at this point. To only "cork" your head around the area between straight behind yourself and to the left like he does it here will help you to cork and uncork faster than with a "morky" set as I use.

Common Mistakes:

With a "morky" set like I am struggling to unlearn here the head is tilting in the direction of the red arrow which is making my "corking motion" longer and than requires more rotation per cork. Doing the set like this makes it more likely for you to do double cork 12´s on skis than double cork 10.

Push off with a god posture push your chest upwards and look upwards like Erik does it here.

If you had a nice set and tuck/grab you are then likely to be finished with the first cork in between 540°-630°

Film your self and check what direction you are dipping in to the second cork. Ideally in-between straight back and slightly away from the camera in this case for a extra fast second cork so you can learn dub 10.

When I did this cork to back with a "morky" set it makes the head on the second cork tip towards the red arrow and the is not ideal when you are spinning to the left. You want to avoid this to make you cork in and out as fast as possible so you can learn everything from dub 7-14. It is easier to adjust what dub cork you are going to do depending on how tucked you are than changing your set. If you have this problem go back to the basics and practise cork 7s on tramp until you have a good set.

Since I did not manage to learn how to get the right set I brought this set with me to the slopes.

On snow it is easy that you have to rotate more per cork leading to me finishing the first cork at 720 and I then had to spin another 540 to cork and uncork the second cork. So try to finish the first cork at 540° now on the trampoline.

When Erik is doing it on snow it looks a bit like it is morky like mine it it really is´nt. He has enough of a "T" set and leans the body straight back and the head dips back and away from the camera.

Erik on the other hand can cork the first cork equally fast on tramp and snow maybe he is even faster at uncorking on skis being finished at almost 540°.

Start out doing some cork to back into the foam pit. When you are in the air make your self big to slow down the rotation and imagine if you would pull in your legs would you have enough hang time to uncork the second rotation enough that you do not land on your head.

Be careful and make an accurate judgment! Do you have good enough technique you will uncork it fast enough you will not land on your head if you tuck?

On my first attempt I did a knee grab, it looks lame but works really well since you get really tucked and it´s easy to grab them.

Once you have landed a couple of double corks with knee grab go for the safety grab or mute if you want to.

Make sure to get some feed back from a friend or use a camera to analyse so it is looking pretty good.

You can get away with a morky set like this when you do it into the foam pit since you can push off backwards towards the foam pit but a lame set like this is gonna be hard to do the double cork on the trampoline with.

When doing the double cork on the trampoline pay attention to jumping straight up un the air so you do not jump to far backwards like you did onto the big air bag.

Have a friend throw in a mattress underneath you or even better that and a professional spot you so you get a softer landing incase you don´t land so well!

While Erik is doing the double cork 10 on the tramp he is also finished at 630° and makes a quick cork 450° after that.

Here is where he would land on his back but he has enough air time to uncork and land on his feet.

In How to double cork Part 2 we will look into water ramp riding and how to get prepared on snow before finally sending it!

Don´t miss out when we post the part 2 when I land my first ever double cork on skis.