Hey Guys - it's Coach Trifes back with a new series / announcement.

"Hot Fix Fridays" is the name of the game and shall be an addition to the existing in-depth tutorial program.

In a nutshell:

You can send in your attempts / makes that you guys want to be featured per episode and i'll host a video series with some live reaction (but not in that cringey youtuber vlogging style - i'm just not made for that) feedback and visualized improvement tips / feedback that will hopefully help you out.

Sounds interesting ? Let's give it a go together so i can include the community in a more engaging way.

Anything goes - from backyard set-up to waterramp over to the real snow. Send'em in.

For more info's on how and why this idea has developed -> watch me talk about it in the following video :)


It starts at 00:52 for the people that just care about this certain point.

-> https://youtu.be/IoxfRRYDLRQ?t=52 (link to the timestamp)

In good faith,

Your Coach Trifes

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