Last year, Anthony Boronowski had a vision. After growing tired of watching (and skiing in) ski movies he felt were taking themselves too seriously, he wanted to do something different. So with his team of Joystick athletes in tow, he formulated a plan to make a road trip movie that was simply about skiing and having fun with friends.

So after months of planning and debating, this spring, Anthony, along with Paco Garcia, Jordan Seldin and Blake Nyman, got in a beat up mini-van in Whistler and started heading south towards Los Angeles, seeing what they could ski and film along the way. During their travels they met up with Joystick teammates Garrett Russell, Chris Benchetler, Christian Sirianni, Kevin Malone, Bernie Rosow and Rob Heule for some seriously good times and seriously good skiing.

The result was a fresh and fun movie that after much anticipation is now available here on NS, for free. So without further ado, enjoy Joystick's Hot Lunch, and if you want to download the movie headache-free, go to