Earlier this week you may have seen a picture of the Blackcomb Glacier missing one of its most fundamental features - the Horstman T-bar. This T-bar was not just a lift but a vehicle that drove the progression of freestyle skiing in ways that are unquantifiable. Home to some of the greatest skiing in the world, the Blakcomb Glacier earned it’s spot as a mecca for summer skiing since the early 2000s. Whistler became a place of annual pilgrimage for skiers all around the globe to continue skiing and progress the sport. I could attempt to list out the skiers who would call Whistler home in the summer but that list would stretch all the way down the mountain.

Photo taken in 2015

Some say it is being replaced by a chairlift, some say it’s being moved a couple feet - much like they did the Showcase t-bar in previous years. Some are claiming a gondola is in the cards. With so much skepticism in the air we had to reach out to Whistler Blackcomb and get an official statement and here it is…

Over time, the Horstman Glacier’s profile has changed to the point the Horstman T-bar became inoperable and required us to remove it. The Showcase T-bar is in a better location and will continue to service the glacier for both summer and winter. We are looking forward to welcoming skiers and riders for the winter season, several months away, and our intent is to be back to summer glacier skiing in 2021”

All great things come to an end…. Summer skiing has changed a lot over the years but at least the Showcase T-bar servicing Momentum camps will still be in operation. As for the fate of the glacier public park, that is still unknown. We’ll let you draw your own conclusions as to why all this is happening. All we can say is, keep skiing, keep enjoying the present and hold on to every single day you get to spin laps with your friends - it’s a blessing to get to do what we do.

Rest In Peace Horstman T-bar. Say hello to Wizard chair, Solar Coaster and Catskinner for us.