After 37 relatively quik hours I found myself in Norway, Øyer, Home.After a disasterous trip to NZ I can´t find any words that explaines how good it is to be home. 37 hours is a long time to travell alone but I have to say this trip was uneventfull and quik. I don´t think I waited on a airport more than an hour, witch is really good. Immediatly after I got home and got something to eat. I went down to the golf course to play a tournement witch they host every wedensday. I won..... No big deal!!!Alltough it´s really good to be home Im afraid the joy quikly comes to an end. Tomorrow I leave for Zurich, Im looking forward to this event, It´s always a lot of fun, a bunch of spectators and a good show. Skiingvise I can´t say im completely ready. Since we only got 3 days of good skiing in NZ and on those days we only skied rails. I´ve have to say that my jumping game isen´t where it should be!PK