YES! 33 hours from the moment I left Mt.Snow in West-Dover, Vermont, USA, I made it!  I got back home to Norway. Late flights, de-icing problems, sleeping a lot, and no bed for 1,5 day. It was the longest trip of my life, but so worth it when I came out from the customs at Oslo Airport and saw Ida !   She had driven 2 hours to pick me up, thanks!

When I woke up this morning (by a phone-salesman at 10.30 am), I realized I was shitfaced-jetlaged. I had double-vision, and things were blury.. I don’t think that is a good sign though.   But I got to do the thing I had been looking foreward to. Relax with a nice cup of Norwegian coffee in my livingroom, enjoying the nice view from the window. It’s good to be back!

Fireplace and tv in the livingroom, cozyness.


The view from the livingroom, a lot of snow too! Colorado were like November in Norway this season.

Tough to be away for so long when you are used to see this girl everyday. Well I couldn’t be more stoked to be home!

Gotta clear this last cup of coffee before heading out to Hafjell again! I’ve heard they have the sickest railpark there now!