7246 miles (4584 miles on the road), 47 days, and 7 terrain park shoots, and 43,225 dead bugs on my car later my season is finally over and I’m finally home back in Salt Lake City, Utah.  This year’s Spring terrain park shoot season was shorter than last year, but the amount of travel between shoots really wore on me this Spring.  It was nuts actually, and home never looked so good.  My own bed, my own space, not working on my slow laptop, and having my golf clubs, being able to sneak out for some golf in the work day, everything, all the comforts of home…finally!  However, it was all completely worth it.  I got a lot of great action shots with a lot of the usual people but also some new faces.  I got to spend some time with some good friends I don’t get to see a lot, visit new places, see family, oh and to find out that 4th gear in my Civic tops out at 130mph!

Also in this trip I did a lot of fun portraits, spent some time working more on capturing the lifestyle side of things and shot a lot with a Holga which was pretty fun.  Shooting film, the mystery of wondering how things are going to turn out, especially with the thought of a very inprecise piece of camera equipment, adding in the mystery of how cross processing is going to turn out made for some fun stuff.  I just sent it all out to Panda photo lab in Seattle, WA and I’m really excited to see how it turned out.  I’m really anxious to see how it all plays out with the good ol film.  It’s been at least 5 years since I shot any film.

Once I hit the road back home, I was all in, from Bend, OR to Hood River, OR to take a few portraits, then finally home to Salt Lake City, UT.  Did it all straight through, starting at 10am in Bend, then arriving home in Salt Lake City, UT at 3am.  I probably should have stayed the night in Boise but I was determined to sleep in my own bed ASAP, so 17 hours later I was there, at home, in my own bed and was worth every second on the road.

I’ll have a bit more later with some random photos from the spring in a few days.