It has been about two weeks since my last real post and this one hardly counts. I spent some time up in the Montana territory visiting old friends and keeping it low key for a couple days (weeks). The trip was great and to get out of the office and create new designs in a new environment while saying hello to some OG friends (win-win). However, it is good to be back home in Utah to catch a couple more days of snow and get back shooting with the team. I really did not take ANY photos in MT and within the first five minutes being back in SLC I had more photos than my entire MT trip. Enjoy.


Through social media stalking we heard about this “dude” who rented the Great Divide ski hill for a night of party shredding. When we arrived we were handed this lift ticket and knew it was on, Sethapalooza!

Then we actually ran into Seth, he just happened to be wearing a full saga kit!? Free t-shirt for that. Thanks Seth.

Amongst the many birthday’s in March you better have some custom party accessories, gold letters on jars work perfect. It’s a his/her set.
Some parts of Montana got the shitty end of the el nino stick, no snow
That was all for Montana, just good people. Upon returning back to SLC I stopped at Wiley’s to find him at work in the garage, some days are just a”garage day”. We live on the same block so it’s easy for us to go bother with him.
Wiley Recently competed in Snowbird Freeki event and is ready to get back filming, 13″ fresh today, game on tone!
Tools for doing stuff.

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