After coming off of such an amazing winter season in the TELUS Park, Silver Star has decided to take things one step forward and make some much needed improvements to the park terrain and grooming assests. During the summer months crews were busy in the park with the construction of jump platforms that will improve the snow features in the XL lane by adding better take-off platforms and way longer and steeper landings. If anyone recalls the jumps last year for the Showdown Slopestyle, the landings are now bigger than that and we haven't even pushed any snow! Along with the XL lane, dirtwork has also been done in the halfpipe to accommodate the new pipe magician pictured below.

The resort has also went ahead and purchased a new 13ft pipe magician to replace the old 11ft HPG and also bought a brand new Pisten Bully Snowcat to operate the magician. Really good news for all you pipe jocks that pushed for a better pipe product here at Silver Star

Halfpipe with a fresh dusting of snow!

Newly constructed jump platforms in the XL lane!

Another newly shaped landing transition. Can't wait to see how big these landings get once winter arrives!

Upper section of the TELUS Park waiting for snow.

Along with the jump lane improvements and halfpipe investments, I was lucky enough to squeeze the resort pockets for a few new rail/jib features for this season, which I will show everyone once they are set-up in the park. Two have already been built and two more will make an appearance in the New Year. I hope everyone is getting as stoked on winter as we are at Silver Star, cause we are going to build a park this year that the Okanagan has never seen before!