Every people come to the world, they all want to have an exciting life. I think life should be exciting, if not, it has no passion. But not every people make the dream come true, after all, a part of the people can control the world, most of the people are controlled. At one time or another, I always want to become the person who can have power to manage my life, but at the moment, fade life is true, it is always happiness.

In the virtual world, I like quiet. I do not like noisy. Therefore, when the other people play together, make jokes together, buy Aion CD Key together. I always stay in the corner. They all think that I am lonely. But in my mind, I do not care that. Because of that it is my world. I have my own sky; no one can come into it, but when I meet her, as if she opens the window. She is an optimistic girl, when we together, she will say a lot, as if she will not to finish speaking. Most of the time, I listen to her quietly. Since I recognize her, I feel that I become more and more optimistic. Some time, we chat with other people together. Some time, we are training the power leveling together. I am not a lonely person. I do not belong to lonely. Guy, it’s the alchemy of one Aion CD Key.