Sunny skies, Buffalo Wings on the grill, high fives, and 15 of North Lake Tahoe’s most stylish skiers and two snowboarders rounded out the handpicked – invite only contest. Wally Balls Productions of Squaw Valley USA put on the Charitysmith High Fives contest at Sugarbowl, CA on April 26, 2008. A unique format, finding the most stylish 540 from the contestants in this return to skiing party for Roy Tuscany (see attached story JP Martin built the features for the contest; a 60-foot right take-off and a 65-foot middle take off. Building the massive tabletop with tear drop landing feature in 2 days. The bottom of the course featured an up-box, a 16 foot tall chimney box and 12 foot tall barrel.Contest Format; $1000 box up for grabs - $500 to first, $200 to second, and $100 to third with an additional $200 up for grabs. Judging the contest was Roy Tuscany, Oman Otte, Skogan Sprang, and Jimeel Ferris and Mike Hanley from the Olympic Valley Fresstyle Team. Everytime an airhorn from the astro-trurf judging station went off, some of the $200 was rained down to the athletes. Athlete list for this eventSkiers:KC Wry - Andy McDowell -Matt Nelson -Sean Collin -Mat Jackson -Rafe Robinson Kyle Smaine - Andre Simonpietri -Ben "The General" WestmorelandMike Bochenek -Ryan Price -Devun Price -Peter Kukesh -Jason Arens -Silas SheerSnowboarders:Ralphie Bakstrom-Nate MottNate Mott won the VERMONT NORTH most thugged award and received a pair of Atomic Thugs for showing up late to the contest for having to bail his friend out of jail and showing up to the contest 1 ½ late. The party kicked off with a rider’s meeting at 10:30 am. The idea of positivity and high fives was expressed to all the riders who received athlete bags filled with stuff from GRUNDENS, PORTERS SKI SHOP, FLEXESSENTIALS, TECNICA. After the rider’s meeting, DJ ONETRUEST began spinning hip-hop and reggae house beats all day.All athletes competed in the event went off and really enjoyed the relaxed enviroment of the contest style. After a solid 2 hours of throwing down 5’s in all directions and sessioning the lower portion of the course, the judging panel threw out $200 dollars in the forms of $5 and $10 for the two hour period.Mountain Forge showed up with the finished trophies right as the horn was blown at 3:05 pm. ATHLETE BAGS: Filled with SMITH OPTICS GRUNDENS SUREFOOT TECNICA VOLKL LEVEL GLOVES SPACECRAFT HATS$500 First Place – SEAN COLLIN – throwing switch 5 – double tip grabs that got him additional cash from judging panel$200 Second Place – KC WRY – representing VOLKL TECNICA SMITH OPTICS OLYMPIC VALLEY FREESTYLE – switch rodeo 5 double trucker grab $100 Thrid Place – KYLE SMAINE – representing NIKE 6.0 SALOMON OAKLEY 540 double grabs and switch cork 5TANDEM HIGH FIVE won by the brothers in the competition Ryan and Devun Price who high fived over and off every feature in the course. Hotly contended from the Ben Westmoreland backflip high five with Silas SheerAERYX worst crash was awarded to Ralphie Backstrom and I think we need to bring AERYX back.MOMENT SKIS to the best unsposored skier winner MATT NELSONTHANK YOU TO ALL THE SPONSORSCHARITYSMITH ( FLEXESSENTIALS ( OPTICS VOLKL SKIS TECNICA BOOTS SUGARBOWL SPACECRAFT RED BULL GRUNDENS SUREFOOT LEVEL GLOVES MOUNTAIN FORGE PORTERS SKI SHOP VERMONT NORTH SKI SHOP MOMENT SKIS