Henrik Harlaut needs no introduction. There aren't enough superlatives in the world. Safe to say we were more than stoked to have the man himself, who has been an NS member since 2005, return to the forums this spring to answer questions from our community. Questions ranged from his favourite tricks, to explaining his barking. From his vegetarian diet, to his advice for upcoming skiers. Here's what he had to say:


On skiing:

@skierman_jack - You’ve obviously got your signature style. Do you have to work at it or is it just naturally ingrained into your skiing?

I think it's pretty naturally there but of course, I work to try get my skiing to look better!


@Judefidel - What's the most hyped you ever been to get a clip?

The closing shot of The Education Of Style. Dream trick of mine for a while that was perfectly done, so I've never tried it again after that.


@LukeTheWaffle - What trick has the best *feeling*?

Butters! When you find that flex-point and just float with it


@wkfreeski - How does it feel to hold a nose bud thaaaat long?

Best feeelin in di world.


@highpeak - What is your favorite grab?

Blunt... any day any weather.


@sqeellicbic - What's your favorite type of rail if you had to chose only one?

Up flat. Favourite, but rarely see 'em in parks.


@_money - Is there a trip you've taken that will always have a special spot in your heart?

Special spot in my heart would be when me and Phil went to Retallack together, with Neil and Ian Provo. Best, deepest snow I've skied and a cat to ourselves to lap with. Insane.



@PeteMahn - As far as skiing goes with competing most skiers ski Slope or Pipe; and then it looks like they mess around with Big Air if there into it and want to put time into it. As someone who has been as consistent in both slope and big air has their ever been thoughts on pipe. Also did you ever ski pipe back when you were younger like just messing around?

I love pipe but never really a fan of them when they’re icy cause usually im in there with the same skis i use for rails etc. But if it was only slushy pipes then i would forsure try to be in there! :D I did ski some pipe when i was younger mainly from watching Sean Petit do a biiig cork 9 at WSI in WSKI106 being about my age i had to learn it myself the season after.

Things you've always wanted to know:

@partyandBS - One time in Breck I was your cashier at the grocery store. You had some fresh lookin food. Are you vegitarian/whats your diet? It would make sense because goats dont eat meat!

Yes, I am a vegetarian thats allergic to milk. I'm vegan except eggs and fish (mostly while traveling). I've never been a fan of meat unless it was processed, which are often not the healthiest meats. And then my physio in Andorra told me to try not eat it and see if I would feel a difference. I started feel greaat so now I'm bout it bout it.


@math.leboucher - Do you a specific workout plan and routine or do you do different exercises from day to day?

It depends on my location and what tools I can access, but I am definitely the type of person that loves routines.


@ColoradoDogfart - Who is your biggest inspiration from the skateboard world and how does skateboarding influence your style?

I take inspiration from sooo many skaters but sum of my favourites would Penny, Reynolds, Tiago, Oski, Joslin, Ishod. Style, Music, Flow, Expression, Creativity etc. you can translate it all over to skiing.


@Titus69 - How did you and Phil come to form a bond that’s maybe the best duo in freeski history? All you’re parts together have been insane and show creativity and technicality unlike a lot of others.

Thank you for the wordz. We naturally bonded. Similar likings of music, style and vision! B&E forever.


@Chinchi - I feel like when I watch your day in the life contest vids you're laser focused on the comp, I was wondering if you celebrate with people after or if it's so draining you just pack it in for the night after?

I usually dont treat it very differently from any other night after skiing, I surround myself with good homies talking skiing


@SimonBartik - Yoo Dollo! Are you thinking about doing another B&E Invitational or some different kind of event? I feel like there are less and less independent (non-FIS) events, and you have a strong position in a ski world to come up with something fresh that would be loved by a whole comunity and hopefully backed up by some of your strong partners.

Ye Zimon! Word up i agree with you, I would love to do it and BDog would as well, we just need time so that it can be done to its full potential. Definitely gotz maad ideas doe.


@Triscuit What's your favorite pair of skis you’ve ridden, besides the EDollo/Al Dente?

Sammy Carlson's new Armada ski the "Whitewalker". It's light, stable and razor-sharp. 116 underfoot, 185cm... jeeeeez!

And Mickael Deschenaux's Ninthward "The Rocky", the flyest ski ever made.


@LukeTheWaffle - What started the barking?

Redman, Method Man, B-dog, B&E.


@shinbangclan - How do you keep your pants up when you're skiing? It's incredible. Forreal though, it's no doubt that you have some of the dopest fits across the board. What are some of the tips and tricks you have for a putting together a super stylish ski outfit?

Suspenders... Thank you for the love. My tip would be Harlaut Apparel for di most style outfit.


@wameron - What are your top 3 favorite segments to get you hyped?

These are 3 I often put on:

Tanner Hall session - 1242

Mickael Deschenaux - Exact science

Travis Heed - Wicked


@CharlzHub - When are you hitting chads gap?

Sum day i wope!


@Shh-Rammer - Do you ski to any newer music or is it just classic hip-hop bangers in the ear?

Griselda. They dropped a new fireee album yesterday (April) "pray 4 paris" flygod

@skierman_jack - How does every video you post have a banger soundtrack that perfectly compliments the skiing?

It depends, but often I've already selected the soundtrack before start making the edit so you just trying to fit the skiing with the style of the sound.


@skierman - What's Oscar up to nowadays? Is he an official blunt roller for Wu-Tang?

He runs Harlaut Apparel, design, shipping, website etc. Straight up killin it


@Grimesg - If you could give one piece of advice to skiers of today who want to get to where you are and are giving there all, what would you say?

Don't follow the trend of tricks, work your own progression and don't skip steps cause they will catch up to you sooner than later. Have a lot of fun.