In my recent NSG thread, I started a discussion on hemp, canabis indica, not to be confused with canabis sativa or pot, and its numerous uses that could help solve some of the worlds major problems such as deforestation, pollution, land fills, and global warming. Hemp grows extremely fast and because it is technically a weed can grow just about anywhere. It is a very resilient plant. The oil made from hemp can produce a biodegradable plastic, and a clean burning fuel that could power most diesel engines. Hemp is extremely fibrous and can produce much more paper per acre than trees which would help prevent deforestation. It can be used to make baked goods, clothing, and many more consumer goods such as rope. I find it odd that no major world governments have offered grants towards implimenting the use of hemp as a primary fuel source. If 6% of the land in the USA was used to grow hemp, our entire nation would be energy-self-sufficient. 6% of our land is quite a bit but it wouldn't be all in one area. Just like corn is grown all through the Midwest, corn ethanol is clean burning too, however, corn grows much slower and needs pesticides. I believe that we deffinitly need to legalize canabis, not just for getting high but for saving the planet.