Greetings all, thank you for reading.   Lets get to the point, here are some of my ideas on how to get our sport to grow even bigger than it already is.

1.  Any sort of product skiing Company needs to give out more product to more kids, not just a select few.  It's gotten to the point where skiing and getting any sort of sponsorship/flow has come down to politics and who you know.  I know alot of good kids are out there riding as much as they can or as work allows, but they get no recognition.   It just seems like there is a lack of recognition of employees of the big ski product companies out there in the real shit scouting for unknowns who could possibly be making them alot of money right now as well as give a person a shot at making a name for him/herself.  Fuck this send me a sponsor movie and ill watch it in the comfort of my office on my own time and probably say it sucks because you didnt use the top of the line computer/editing/filmcrew attitude.

Alot of people just dont have the time or money to buy a bunch of shit to film with or have someone who will be a dedicated filmer.  Hell, alot of the best shit that gets thrown down will never be seen on any film whatsoever, its just a spur of the moment thing that only the person viewing will see and remember. 

Now as of right now, i understand that alot of free gear has to do with competition placers for the most part which is cool and all.  But as of right now, im not talking about full sponsorships.  I think that our sport could grow alot more right now which is great for the ski industry (more $ for parks etc.) just by the simple thing of companies being more generous with gear tosses.  One idea I have would just be for a company rep to chill in a park at some mountain and just watch kids throw down in the park and if he likes what they did, pass them a free tshirt/sticker/etc.  There is no obligations to this kid, you arent putting him on a contract or anything.  This could work very well at competitions too.  Find a thread called "perfect competition" on NS and I linked an skateboarding competition in Vancouver.  That is where I would like to see skiing headed.  Watch the video and you will see the uniqueness of the comp and we can steal that idea because it is awesome and is something that inspired this blog in the first place.

Anyways thats all for tonight folks, had a great day up at the mountain in freshies, skied all day and then hit up some night skiing :).  I went skiing with a great friend and it was ill.  Tree skiing is where its at right now, because its where the pow is.