In this day & age, the last thing most of you want on the mountain is to have your phone die because, "if you didn't 'Gram it, it didn't happen" right?

Thanks to the mad geniuses at Helly Hansen, they have found a way to dramatically reduce the battery drain the cold winter air has on your device.

"Introducing The Life Pocket™ and The Life Pocket+™, some of the most subtle yet powerful jacket features you’ll find in the new Helly Hansen ski collection for 2017. This special pocket holds the secret to keeping cell phones alive for longer. Through thermal resistant materials and an innovative construction, the Life Pocket™ stays two times warmer than a regular ski jacket pocket. Slightly more advanced, The Life Pocket+™ is engineered with Prima Loft Gold Insulation Aerogel and keeps your pocket three times warmer than traditional ski jacket pockets. This state of the art aerogel was developed by NASA to protect electronics in space . . . now it can keep your electronics warm for heavenly ski days on earth.”

Essentially, what we're looking at here is the HH Life Pocket+ (Blue) started at a higher temperature & tapered off the least as outside temperatures (in a controlled environment) steadily dropped, when compared to the regular LifePocket & Standard jacket pocket.

Big ups to Helly Hansen for this one. Now I can stay stacking clips all day long! Does anyone know if they'll be making these on track pants?? Asking for a friend...