Some of the Saga Fam and myself made the trip to the first annual Northwest Winter Film Festival at the Egyptian Theater in downtown Boise, ID. The line up was TSP, Stept, Inspired Media and Level 1 Productions, all showing their newest film, respectively. I tried to get some coverage but was just as caught up watching the big screen as everyone else in the theater (I can watch too!). Each production company brought something different to the screen and each company and crew has produced something worth watching; I especially appreciated the Lost Trail footage in TSP (If you know, you know). Huge thanks to Mike for arranging such a well organized and fun event, also all the shred flick fans that made it to one of the four premiers. Events like this are what our industry was founded on and the dedicated fans that keep supporting the athletes, putting it all on the line, season after season. Shout out to all of our new friends in Boise and I don’t think this is the last you have seen of us (that could go either way).

Durtschi wondering why we aren’t throwing any gear out the window to the movie goers below.
Changed that pretty quick, Durtschi making it rain from the second floor and this was officially our new favorite activity until the mustache drawing contest.
Wiley Miller in full costume promoting his new pro model ski, the YLE.
Get em’ up.
And the mustache drawing contest. Each participant had their friend draw any sort of facial hair pattern in 1 minute and the winner was decided by the crowd (best premier contest ever?). Don’t worry the winner got a full suit and each runner up walked away with a jacket, does anyone want to draw on my face?
And the winner, who went above and beyond with beard and full chest hair to match, with a Tim Durtshi autograph to top it all off.
Then it was film time, this was only photo I got because I was too busy watching, just go see the movies so I don’t have to be the spoiler alert.
After all the movies had played, I captured some of the faces that made it out to the Film Fest, can’t thank all the young shredders enough for continuing to support what they love to do. These faces are the next generation and what keeps it all going season after season, with out you, there is no us.
This might be the back pack Durtschi threw out with all of his clothes in it.
Group shot.
I like patches.
Wiley takes no prisoners during premier season.
As with all film festivals there was an after party, where Hathbanger took care of us for the rest of the night, that’s a story for another time…