First off, we wanted to thank you.  Yes you!  All of our loyal fans and readers for making the first year of Action Photo School a spectacular one.  

We are glad to share our knowledge and thoughts on action photography.   And since we've only been running since the end of March, look for the site to grow dramatically over this new year!  In the past year we have posted over 125 articles, all specifically for action photography.  We definitely have our favorites, but here are the top 5 most viewed by our readers:Nailing your Focus:  One of the most important aspects of any photo.  Learn how to nail your focus and create sharp images.Extreme Detail:  Use this technique in photoshop to bring extreme detail into your images.20 Tips Every Action Photographer Must Know:  Simple tips that are guaranteed to make anyone a better action photographer.Back-Button Auto Focus:  By separating your auto-focus from the shutter button to the back-button, you will get faster, and simpler focus for all situations.Shooting into the Sun:  Learn how to star the sun in your images for dramatic looking sunbursts!Here are 5 of our favorite posts that fit any sport, and will help you make better action photos:Basics of Composition:  Learning compositional basics will change the way you shoot, action photography still follows many rules of photography, but has a few composition techniques of it's own.Photography Equipment Checklist:  Not a technique, but a tool that will get your prepared for shoots without leaving any gear behind.How to Find Athletes to Shoot With:  Without athletes, your just shooting landscapes…. Here are some tips for finding great athletes to work with.Make your Images Pop:  Use LAB color mode to create images that really POP!The Motion Blur, Flash, and ND Filter Technique:  Use these three elements for stunning action images. Feel free to post any questions you have in the forum, or send us any ideas you want to want to write about for a chance at being features on APS with your bio and links to your sites!And don't forget about our Winter Action Photo Contest that is running into February.  Entry is free, and you'll have a chance at winning part of the $2100 prize package!  Good luck and have a great New Year!