If you missed it live, you can get a pretty good idea of what went down by reading the "OFFICIAL X-Games Superpipe Thread".  It's no live webcast on expn.com but hey, we can't expect to live in such an extreme world without making some sacrifices.   MEN'S SKIING SUPERPIPE RESULTS FINALS RnkAthleteCountryRun 1Run 2Run 3Best1.Tanner HallUSA82.0092.6692.3392.662.Laurent FavreFRA88.0034.3391.0091.003.Simon DumontUSA80.3390.0090.0090.004.Loic Collomb-PattonFRA82.0020.0084.6684.665.Andreas HatveitNOR74.6681.3357.3381.336.J.P. SolbergUSA13.3367.6680.0080.007.Peter OlenickUSA44.0036.0079.3379.338.Charles GagnierCAN26.6673.3358.3373.339.Jon OlssonSWE69.0072.6673.3373.3310.Sean FieldUSA58.0065.6669.6669.66Womens Pipe Final Results1. Grete Eliassen 2. Sarah Burke 3. Marie Martinod4. Kristi Leskinen5. Jess Cumming6. Michelle Parker7. Ashley Saba 8. Virginie Faivre9. Jen Hudak 10. Gina Gmeiner