From A crowd of 10,000, the funky beats of Ozomatli and Bullfrog, surreal silhouettes of dancing girls, fire spinners, drums, and new school's hottest skiers fused together last weeek for a spectacle that only Whistler can deliver. The Orage Big Air at the Garnier Fructis World Skiing Invitational went off. Mike Shimke "This was the craziest, most rad ski event with the biggest crowd I've ever seen," says Josh Loubek, head judge and former professional skier. "The riders were stoked and brought out lots of new tricks. The wide variety of jumps were great to watch." Andy Woods This demonstration of versatility cemented Tanner Hall's win as he pulled off a clean cab 7 and a cab 9 with solid landings in his final three jumps where the best two of three unique jumps count. Whistler local favourite Chris Turpin actually scored higher on two of the jumps, but the tricks were the same and so his lower scoring "unique" trick counted instead. Turpin ended up in second place, although one of his cab 7s scored the highest of the night. Mike Nick came third with a zero spin, going off switch, not rotating, and landing switch blind. "It's an incredibly difficult jump and he pulled it off cleanly," says Loubek. Chris Turpin The skiers were competing for part of the $50,000 given away in the Garnier Fructis World Skiing Invitational in Superpipe and the Orage Big Air. In addition to the cash, Tanner Hall also joins the likes of Vincent Dorion (2001 Orage Big winner) and Philou Poirier (2000 Orage Big Air winner) on the newly created Orage Cup, which will be displayed throughout the year at the Savage Beagle bar in Whistler. "We at Orage believe that we are helping to support the industry with this event," says Simon Noel, Promotions & Sponsorship Manager. "Through the event, we hope to encourage young skiers everywhere to dream about winning the Orage Cup with their big air tricks." Claude Prevost, Chief of Special Events & Promotions for Garnier Fructis was thrilled with the company's title sponsorship of this year's World Skiing Invitational. "There was a unique synergy between Garnier and the World Skiing Invitational each complementing the other with innovation and artistry," he says. "We're in an industry that's all about beauty, the fusion with skiing, music and lifestyle at this event was beyond beautiful, this was a very powerful message we were able to send to our consumers which was consistent with our brand values." For full results and photos check out the Garnier Fructis World Skiing Invitational link at The Garnier Fructis World Skiing Invitational is the grand finale of Whistler's annual TELUS World Ski & Snowboard Festival, a 10-day event that fuses sports, music and action into one big party. Taking place April 12-21, the seventh annual event features the Ripzone Snowboard Invitational, the free Jim Beam Outdoor Concert Series, the photography and film events of EXPOSURE, demo days on Whistler and Blackcomb mountains, the annual Whistler Dog Parade, the Saab Crossmax Series presented by Salomon, the Kokanee Freeride and the Garnier Fructis World Skiing Invitational. Check it all out at source: